In this page you will find protocols and documentation that are used in our laboratory – if you have any remarks or suggestions in regard to these protocols, please don’t hesitate to contact zarivach.lab[at] Thanks!

Molecular biology

Introduction to Cloning

Transformation of competent cells with plasmid DNA – Heat shock method

Transformation of competent cells with plasmid DNA – Electroporation method

Preparation of electrocompetent cells

Preparation of colloidal stain

Protein Expression

Novagen pET system manual


Peptide mass fingerprinting

Preparation of Tricine-SDS-PAGE

Preparation of 15% SDS-Polyacrylamide gel

Western Blotting

Removal of Thrombin associated affinity tags (suspension)

Steps in large-scale recombinant protein expression and purification

Nickel column preparation and maintenance

Amylose column preparation and usage

Protein labelling with FITC


French press (Thermo Scientific)


FPLC AKTA prime plus SOP

Guide to Pipetting

SX20 Stopped Flow Spectrometer

“TUTTNAUER” Old Autoclave Operating Procedure

Operate procedure for Emulsiflex high presure homogenizer

Crystallography Documentation

CCP4 User Manual

Coot User Manual

Coot tutorial for low-resolution cases

Imosflm Tutorial

Phenix Manual

General methods

Magnetite synthesis protocol

Gold cluster synthesis

ITC (low-volume Nano ITC calorimeter, TA Instruments) for the study of CDF proteins’ CTD binding to metals

Trp-fluorescence spectrometry (Fluorolog-3, HORIBA Scientific) for the study of CDF proteins’ CTD binding to metals

Eating in flights – Raz Zarivach’s protocol for free upgraded meals

Lab Mates

Lab FAQ from Roche

The Source Book from Cambrex

Bench Guide from QIAGEN