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Naturally Obsessed: The Making of a Scientist

Seeing Things in a Different Light: How X-Ray Crystallography Revealed the Structure of Everything

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The Macromolecular Crystallography Research Center (MCRC)


CCP4 Program Documentations

Crystallographic software

Diffraction Anisotropy Server- UCLA

Diffraction Anisotropy Server- STARANISO

The Dundee PRODRG2 Server

DynDom – Protein Domain Motion Analysis

ESRF Beamlines

ESRF Beamlines Manuals

General Instructions on crystallography from CPX

Generating ligand dictionary

Harry Plotter – PDB deposited plotted statistics


HMM-based Protein Sequence Analysis

Ligand Expo


Prediction of crystallization probability based on pI

Protein Data Bank

RockMaker Web application (Members Only!)

RockMaker Web application (outside BGU)

TargetDB – Structural Genomics Target Search

Uppsala Software Factory

Xtalpred Server



CastP pocket calculation

The Dundee PRODRG2

HelixDraw – helical wheel


Nucleic Acid Database (NDB)



RNA secondary structure prediction

Science Direct publishing group

Structures of known Membrane Proteins

TLS Motion Determination


Verify3D Structure Evaluation Server

VM (Matthews Coefficient) Calculator

Commercial screen comparison

Crystallography 101 online course

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Conserved Sequence Motif Search (CoSMoS)

Database of Interacting Proteins

Function annotation server

Heavy atom databank

Heavy Atom Database

Heavy Atom Reactivity Table

HotPatch Web Gateway

Metal Coordination Sites in Proteins

Motif Search (GeneDB)

MPG toolkit

Phenix refine command line tutorial

PHYRE Protein fold prediction

POSA (Partial Order Structure Alignment)

Protein CCD at the NKI

Screen optimization tutorial

Simon’s Crystallography Toolbox

X-ray Anomalous Scattering

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Current protocols

Description of Host Strains

ESPript multiple alignment tool


Introduction to Protein Structures

Molecular Biology Gateway

Molecular Station

OligoAnalyzer – Dimer and hairpin formation prediction

Oligonucleotide Properties Calculator

Online Analysis of nucleotide and protein sequence data

Peptide solubility guidelines

The PSIPRED Protein Structure Prediction Server

Quickchange Primer design tool

Rare Codon Calculator

Reverse translation of amino acids

SAPS Statistical Analysis of Protein Sequences

SDS-PAGE Calculator

Serial Cloner v2.0

SER: Surface Entropy Reduction Prediction Server

Software for Mass Spec analysis

Tcoffee server – multiple sequence alignment of protein, RNA and DNA

Western Blotting optimization

A Colorimetric Method for Measuring Iron Content in Plants

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FTMap – Computational solvent mapping


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