Welcome to The Lab of Amir Sagi

Professor Amir Sagi began studying crustaceans during grad school. Since then he has become a world renown specialist in crustaceans physiology.

Our Research

We study functional genomics of crustacean physiology and developed numerous biotechnological applications.

What do we study?

  • The IAG-switch sex differentiating mechanism in crustacean reproduction
  • Functional genomics in crustacean physiology
  • Crustaceans’ growth, physiology and biomineralization
  • Crustaceans as biocontrol agents over disease-carrying snails
We are the first in the world to establish novel sex reversal biotechnologies for monosex prawn populations
The first monosex biotechnology in aquaculture based on temporal gene silencing using RNAi
Our research is spread over all the continents but not (yet) in Antarctica
Crustacea comprises more than 65,000 species and we study seven representative decapod species

Ben Gurion University

Email: sagia@bgu.ac.il
Department of Life Sciences
P.O.B 653, Beer Sheva, 84105, Israel