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On the origin of bar codes Nature_2009

Professor Dan Mishmar lecture at the Royal Society 2012 -Natural selection shapes mitochondrial genetic variation within cells, populations and species.

Mitochondrial DNA mutations ; Mechanisms of disease and evolution 2013

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Why some parents suddenly refuse to vaccinate their children – The jerusalem post 2015

“Ben-Gurion University of the Negev researchers have shown that certain genotype combinations of the mitochondrial and nuclear genomes – but not each genome alone – change susceptibility to type 2 diabetes.”

 Sex Is a Coping Mechanism

Did sexual reproduction evolve to keep up with mitochondrial mutation?

Energy Metabolism Genes Expressed Differently in Africans, non-Africans- Haaretz 2016

Genetics, Mitochondria and what’s in between – Da-Mada 2020

WIKIMEDIA Israel, 2020

Correct’ Communication: an essential for cellular and human function, 2021 

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The second podcast of the Israeli Society of Genetics

2021 GSI Symposium Feb-24th

The third podcast of the Israeli Society of Genetics (Spotify). Click here for other apps – link

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