Led by Professor Nadav Shashar, our lab is interested in addressing fundamental questions regarding how animals perceive, communicate and interact within their physical environment. The main focus is on marine animals, mainly cephalopods, zooplankton, fish and dolphins. Much of the research focuses on polarization vision, communication via polarized light, camouflage response and perception of space under water and responses of animals to anthropogenic disturbance.

We are highly interested in the interactions of human and nature; the socio-ecomic effects of marine habitat conservation; and the in restoration of marine habitats, including coral reefs. We study, develop and teach methods for reefs restoration. From methods of accelerated coral and reef growth, via development  artificial corals, to design and deployment of artificial reefs.

Our research is centered in the sea and the lab in Eilat, Israel however, it often takes us around the globe.

Our address

Marine Biology and Biotechnology Program

Dept. of Life Sciences

Campus Eilat, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Eilat


Office (+972) 8 630 4529, Lab (+972) 8 630 9728, Fax (+972) 8 630 4538